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Your God-given Superpower of Choice, How it can Transform Your Life


Your second God Given Superpower is your power of choice.  

I was walking out in nature, and I saw a caterpillar inching along, and it occurred to me that the caterpillar doesn’t have a choice in its next level of transformation.  It is in its biology and DNA to transform into a butterfly.  It’s a beautiful transformation but one that is decided for the caterpillar.  

Your power of choice is what separates you from all of the other beings on the planet.  You get to choose your next step in what your next level of expansion, growth and transformation is.  

I was guided to talk about how your power of choice can transform your life and the world when you learn the key factors that allow you to make your choices from what is true in your heart rather than your fears.  

Making your choices from your truth is what your higher power intended for you with your power of choice. Unfortunately, you were programmed to make them from what you are afraid of.  

Fear is a funny thing it disguises itself in many forms. You make choices by what is logical, practical, responsible, safe, and what you can afford which is fear disguised to keep you right where you are.  

Come and find out what 2 things you can do to start using your God Given Power of Choice so it is your super power rather than what holds you back.


Remember: Greatness is within you, it’s time to let it out.

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