How are Sacred Art Workshops different than most art workshops?


It’s not just about the painting or drawing techniques you will learn.

 It’s about the experience you have as you are in the workshop.

The workshops are designed to be an experience for you that helps you deepen your spiritual connection with your higher power so you can bring higher consciousness to yourself and into your art.


Sacred Art is all about your consciousness.


Whatever you are thinking or feeling when you are painting or drawing is infused into the art.

So it is important when creating Sacred Art to prepare yourself so you are in the consciousness of God which is peace, joy or love.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter Sacred Art Workshops can help you deepen your spiritual connection so you can create from your soul rather than your mind and create art that has meaning to you.


There is really no creating it is truly just connecting with God

and uncovering God’s masterpiece that is already there.

Michelangelo said:

         – “Every bloc of stone has a statue inside of it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

I believe it is the same for the painter or drawer.  Every blank canvas or piece o f paper has a Sacred image that is waiting to be unveiled.  It is already present and exists in the ether’s.

It is our job as Sacred Artists to unveil God’s work.

If You Like What You See, Let's Keep in Touch

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I’ll let you know when I’ve released my latest creation and give you tips on how you can create Sacred Art and Sacred space in you and your home.


Create Sacred Art

Make the Invisible Visible

Whether you have never painted before or are a seasoned artist,

You are MEANT to Create.

Creating is essential for you to: 

– be Your BEST YOU! 

– Grow spiritually 

– Develop Your Intuition

All creativity starts in the invisible realm of Spirit


Join me in this sacred journey

and create your own sacred art


Beginner artist, Spiritual seeker, Seasoned artist you can join this journey.

Creating sacred art is a sacred journey, a spiritual practice that:

  • Deepens your connection with your higher power 
  • Allows you to access the creative force of all that is. 
  • Awakens your Joy



Creating is a spiritual practice.

When I started oil painting I found it was a metaphor for life.  As I created my oil paintings I saw all of my habitual ways of being and acting that were preventing me from being my most successful, powerful enlightened self.

Most of all I saw where I needed to grow spiritually so I could fulfill my purpose and mission in life.  

I found creating sacred art transformed me.  It became a spiritual practice that awakened my joy, deepened my connection with Spirit and developed my intuitive abilities. 


Creating sacred art transforms you!


By Combining:

  • Ritual, techniques and practices you awaken to the creative energy that exists within you
  • Your clear intention to create a sacred portal that is infused with Divine vibration and blessings
  • Your willingness to play and experiment with a medium that allows you the freedom to create from your heart from love rather then fear 

It shifts your consciousness and all transformation starts with a shift in consciousness.  

You will:

  • Learn basic oil painting techniques so you can bring the unseen forces of Spirit into physical form
  • Create your own Sacred portal so you can commune with Spirit in visible form
  • Meet like-minded souls who are wanting a deeper connection with the Divine
  • Learn the practices, techniques and rituals Deepa uses to create her sacred portals
  • Develop your Spiritual practices, techniques and rituals that allow Spirit to flow through you and create sacred portals
  • Receive spiritual support and encouragement to follow your heart and allow the creative force to flow through you in this sacred journey without judgment or criticism
  • Receive a supplies list of what you need and where to purchase them so you can begin your sacred journey of creating sacred art portals.  


In this experience:

  • All weekly sessions are live and interactive so you can ask questions, share and see what other people are working on
  • The weekly sessions are recorded so if you can’t make it live you can watch, learn and experience at your convenience.
  • Sessions are held on-line through zoom.  If you’ve never used zoom, no worries, we can walk you through it.
  • You have email access to Deepa in between sessions should a question or concern arise.
  • We will have an in-person gathering after the 6 week journey for any of you who would like to meet and show your sacred art portal.


This Sacred journey begins Tuesday, September 17th, to October 22nd

Don’t forget if you can’t be live each session will be recorded so you can watch later at your convenience

Pre-Registration is Required

Space is Limited

Investment $197



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