Do you want more success?

More success in your business,

More success in your life.



Creative entrepreneurs are the most successful people on the planet!


What do you feel when you read that?


Do you believe it?


Most likely what comes up is a voice that says “NO WAY”.  Creative people are starving artists.  They scrape by to make ends meet.


In school you probably were told that math and science are the most important subjects to focus on. 


You were probably raised to do what is practical, logical, responsible, safe and being a creative entrepreneur is none of that.


What I see is Creative entrepreneurs struggle having the success they desire because you hear messages all the time telling you you can’t be successful as a creative person.


And this is why you struggle having the success you desire.


I believe that Creative Entrepreneurs need both money AND meaning, but often sacrifice one for the other. This creates inner conflict, and that blocks your success.


Your subconscious mind has been programmed since the time you were a child that creative people are not financially successful.  

The messages you hear from your family, friends, society, television, and social media are reinforcing the programming you received as a child.   


But, this is a lie. 

The most successful people are creative people.


Think about it, the entertainment industry, the technology industry:

  • Singers like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift …….
  • Actors like Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock…….
  • Business people like Steve Jobs……


All of these people are creative entrepreneurs, and they have money and meaning.  What I call success.  


So, how do you have more success?


  • You need to change your programming from the falsehoods to the truth
  • You need support from a coach/mentor who can see your blocks and what programming you need to change
  • You need spiritual guidance from your Spirit Guides to give you faster results


It’s very difficult to undo the negative programming by yourself because you can’t see your challenges clearly on your own.  That’s why I created the Creative Success Coaching Program for people like you.


If you are ready to have more success in every area of your life and are ready to get the support you need, please click here to accept my gift of a Next Step Connection Call

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