Do you struggle to know your heart’s desires?


Are you wanting to know what you really want? 


Do you get caught up in what you should be doing rather than what you love to do?


Most creative entrepreneurs do.   Why?  


  • Most creative entrepreneurs are highly sensitive, your sensitivity causes you to pick up on other people’s feelings, and the next thing you know you are off doing what other people want rather than what you want


  • You are programmed to do what is practical, responsible, safe, secure and what you can afford and that squishes your ability to know what is true in your heart.



Just about everyone I meet has been programmed to do what they should do not what they feel called to do, and that programming stops you from acting on your truth.


You know you’ve had inklings or flashes of what is your hearts desire, but you watch yourself not act on it in any consistent manner. 


You might even be thinking “What is wrong with me?” 

There is nothing wrong with you.  


It is the programming you received as a child that has been stopping you.

All of your programming is stored in your subconscious mind, and whenever you feel stressed, tired, anxious, angry or frustrated your subconscious programming takes over.  

Your default mechanism is your subconscious mind and this blocks you from knowing what your hearts desires are. 


Why is it so important to know your Heart’s desires?  


Following your heart’s desires are what will lead you to your purpose, what I call your Holy Calling.  Fulfilling your Holy Calling is why you are on the planet.  It is what will bring you the happiness, fulfillment and joy you’ve been looking for. 


If you are ready to know your True Heart’s desires, and want to find the support you need to act on your heart’s desires please click here to accept my gift of a Next Step Connection Call

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