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Struggling to Keep Your Resolutions?

Here’s How You Can Keep It


Are you struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions?

If you struggle with keeping your resolutions, you are not alone.

Today, I was Divinely guide to talk to you about:

  1. Why you struggle to keep them
  2. What a resolution really is and
  3. What needs to be in place so you can keep your resolutions and transform your life.

Why do you make resolutions?

because you want transformation, right?

I’m Deepa Liu, I’m the creative Mystic and I’m here to bless you with Divine inspiration & spiritual tools, techniques and truth so you can develop your intuition, grow spiritually and shine your light in the world.

You make these resolutions because you want to transform something in your life.

You want something to be better like:

  • lose weight and be healthier
  • or you want to reach a financial goal
  • Fulfill a dream or your purpose

In order to keep your resolutions you have to understand:

  • Why you struggle to keep them and what you need to do to change what creates the struggle.
  • What a resolution really is so you make the right resolutions for you
  • What you need in place so you can be successful in keeping them.

So Let’s get started on the 3 reasons you struggle to keep your resolutions.

1. Do you have clarity on WHY you are making this resolution?

You need to make resolutions that come from your heart’s desires not because you think you should or because someone else is making it and it sounds good to you.

Your resolutions need to ignite your passion and those only come from your heart’s desire.

2. Your subconscious programming is one of the BIGGEST REASONS you don’t keep your resolutions.

Your programming are:

  • Your beliefs you have about yourself, how life works and what is possible determine whether you will keep your resolution or give up on it
  • Your self-talk that you habitually do without even noticing
  • Your thoughts that ruminate in your mind that self-sabotage you because of your fears and problems that keep you going around and around and around so you don’t move forward

Your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe, secure and everything the same.

3. You have to LET GO of something that is no longer serving you to make space for your resolutions

Do you know what a resolution really is?

The definition of a resolution is “the firm decision to do or not to do something”

When you made your resolutions did you actually think about and connect to why you made this resolution and what it was going to give you?

Did you think about what you needed to let go of so you can make space for this new resolution in your life?

Probably not.

A resolution is asking yourself to make change. Most importantly, An inner change first.

If you want to make lasting change outwardly, you have to make an inner change of What is most important and that requires you to look at the beliefs you have,
the self-sabotaging behaviors and the emotions that are causing you to avoid or judge yourself.

Now what needs to be in place so you can keep your resolutions?

That is a little more than I can share with you in an email so go check out my podcast or youtube video to find out what needs to be in place to keep your resolutions.


Remember: Greatness is Within You. It’s Time to Shine Your Light.


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