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Spiritual Inspiration from a Bag


Spiritual inspiration from a bag, came to me when I was getting ready to do some art out in nature.  I have this little bag that I use to carry my travel art supplies and when I took it out of my camelback,I was touched by a moment of spiritual inspiration from reading the statement on the bag “Do more of what makes you awesome”


All of a sudden, I received a download we should be doing “More of what makes you MIRACULOUS”


You just never know where or how your Spirit Guides and Divine Presence will flow through to you, This message I received from my art bag inspired me to check up the word miraculous in the dictionary, which gave me an even bigger realization from Divine Mother.

If you want to hear more of it feel free to check out the video to hear what else came to me.



P.S. – I love to hear from you, feel free to comment, share or ask a question.  I noticed when I was looking at the video there are these amazing God Rays blessing me as a I shoot the video.  


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