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Shine Your Light, Here’s How


As a mystic, a light worker, a healer, it’s probably a phrase you have heard often – 

“Shine Your Light”

When you’ve heard this, it might have come up for you,  “But How do I shine my light?” or “How can I fully step into shining my light?” 

Mother of Light told me “If you want to shine your light fully you have to lead with an open heart.  You open up your heart by being open to possibility, to change to being different than you are.  

When she talked about being different, she talked about being different in your habits.  That your light is already here, but your habitual habits are what keeps your light from shining.  

The biggest habit that keeps you from shining your light is your fear.  

  • fear of what other people think, 
  • fear of making a mistake, 
  • fear of not being good enough, 

and the key is to shift out of fear to love.  By shifting from fear to love you naturally open your heart.  

Mother of Light had me share examples of how these fears show up and what you need to do to shift out of fear to love and shine your light.


Remember: Greatness is within you, it’s time to let it out.

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