Holy Mary Mother of Joy

I was Divinely guided in meditation to create the 54 names of Mother Mary.  My wife requested I do this over 3 years ago and it wasn’t until one day in meditation Divine Mother came in and told me to paint the 54 magnificent blessings of the Holy Mother.  I asked what form wanted to be created first and Mother of Joy popped out at me and I was given a vision and an intuitive message and blessing that she was coming to give.  

Holy Mary Mother of Joy came to me in meditation with the blessing of joy, but more importantly how you can connect back with your joy by standing in your power.  If you desire to feel the fullness of your joy that you must stand in your power of who you are and what you came here to be, do and have.  This energy and blessing has been infused into her portal and I have prayed and blessed the giclee to carry this blessing and energy.

Holy Mary Mother of Joy 9″ x 12″ giclee on paper …………………$44.00 Add to Cart


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October 28, 2022