Heart Chakra Angel

Heart Chakra Angel was created quite uniquely.  Most of my Sacred Portals come to me in a vision, but one day I woke up and I could feel the Heart Chakra angel calling to me to reveal her. 

The Heart Chakra Angel was created from me feeling the energy of her/him from the canvas.  I could feel the Heart Chakra angel wanting to reveal itself and be seen on the canvas so she could bless you with knowing what your true hearts desires are and help you to choose from your higher self rather than you fears and limitations.

This portal was created to help you connect with your heart chakra angel that is always with you to help you move forward on your true hearts desire. 

The Heart Chakra Angel was also created with the blessings of helping you to make the choice of coming from the higher.  Most of the time you probably make decisions from what is practical, logical, safe.

This is what you were most likely programmed with as a child, but the heart chakra angel knows if you want to have a life you love you have to come from what is your true hearts desire, and that is seated in your heart chakra.   


Heart Chakra Angel 16″ x 20″ giclee on Archival paper…………………..Price $97  Add to cart



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September 8, 2020