God Rays

What inspired me to paint this seascape was living in Encinitas right by the ocean. Every time I would go to the ocean on a cloudy day with the sun setting and a few sun rays peeking through a gap in the clouds, I would feel like God’s blessings were streaming through and blessing the waters and me. I felt blessed by the immense feeling I would feel in my heart of having an experience of the Divine.

I painted this from a photograph I took of a beach in Carlsbad as I was driving by feeling blessed by the sun rays from God. It is my first attempt painting a seascape from a photograph that I took. I hope you feel some of the blessings I felt when I saw the God Rays streaming through.
Blessings, Deepa

16 x 20 Original Oil Painting.    Not Available

16 x 20 Giclee on paper God Rays     Price  $97.00    Add to Cart                  



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September 5, 2015