God Rays

God Rays Sacred Art Portal was inspired by me to paint taking walks on the beach when I lived in Encinitas right by the ocean.

Every time I would go to the ocean on a cloudy day with the sun setting and a few sun rays peeking through a gap in the clouds, I would feel like God’s blessings were streaming through and blessing the waters and me. I felt blessed by the immense feeling I would feel in my heart of having an experience of the Divine.

God Rays is a sacred art portal that has been infused with the blessings of how I felt when I was watching the rays of light coming down and blessing me with God’s blessings.  God Rays is also blessing you with the blessings of Divine Presence that we receive from the planet every day.  

16 x 20 Giclee on paper God Rays     Price  $97.00    Add to Cart                  


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September 5, 2015