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What does an open heart give you?

An open heart is key to knowing your truth and what decision to make.


Do you have challenges with making decisions in your life or do you feel conflicted often?


I use to be a person who struggled with making decisions.  Especially if there were too many choices.


I didn’t even like going to a restaurant with too many options on the menu because it felt too hard to decide what I wanted.


What I didn’t know back then, that I know now,  is the reason why I struggled with making decisions was because I didn’t know what was true in my heart.  My road to finding that truth was long and arduous because at that time I didn’t know how to connect with my truth and act on it.  But I want to make your journey easier.


If you struggle with making decisions or feeling conflicted come and meet the Heart Chakra Angel Spirit Guide in a message circle.  You will receive your own individual intuitive message from the heart chakra angel to help you in your clarity of what is true in your heart and what to do to open your heart. 

She is all about helping you connect with what your truth and choosing from that truth rather than staying stuck in indecision (which is fear trying to keep you where you are)


The great thing about being in a message circle is you will receive your own individual message from the heart chakra angel,  and you hear all of the messages for the other participants.

I have found there is a group synergy of those who sign up, so even if you don’t know it you have something in common with the other people.   Because of this I recommend you keep your ears open in the circle with each message because each one may help you.  So, you may be blessed with more than one message.

The message circle will be recorded so you don’t have to be live to receive your message, and you can listen to it over and over if you’d like

We will also be doing a guided meditation with the heart chakra angel to connect you to your heart chakra.

The Heart Chakra Angel Message Circle is happening on Thursday, October 14th at 6:00pm EDT on Zoom.

Space is limited to 10 people so click here to claim your spot. 


I love connecting with you and hearing your comments, questions and shares.  Please feel free to comment on my blog or email me directly.




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