I have two types of Sacred Art Commissions I do:

  • Your Personal Divine Presence Portal
  • Traditional Commissions


Your Personal Divine Presence Portal:

 You are probably wondering what is Your Personal Divine Presence Portal? 

Your Personal Divine Presence Portal is more than just a piece of art to put on the wall. 

It is a sacred doorway for you to connect with YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE.  The Divine Presence that is here to support, guide and help you through challenging times or with manifesting your purpose.

  Have you ever wondered what spiritual energies are around you?

 Do you ever wish someone or something is there guiding and helping you?

 All of us have spirit guides around us trying to help us.

It’s just a matter of whether we are open to receiving their messages, blessings and guidance.

  Your Personal Divine Presence Portal is your Spirit Guide who is here to help you: 

 – Overcome a specific challenge

 – Manifest Your Big Vision

 – Deepen your spiritual connection

 – Develop your intuition


Your Personal Divine Presence portal is one-of-a-kind unique creation. 

Created to aid you in overcoming your specific challenge or manifest your heart’s desire.   

I create it by tuning into you and the spiritual energies that are around you.   Each Spirit guide is here with a specific calling to guide and help you with.   


Do you have challenges with:

  – Confidence

–  Leading with an open heart

 –  Trusting yourself   

 Maybe you have a Big Vision purpose or goal you’ve been dying to manifest but feel like you need some support on the how. 

 You tell me the challenge you want to overcome or the goal you want to manifest and I tune into your energy and the Spirit guide  that is here to help you with this will show up. 

We meet before I create your personal Divine Presence portal to help you get clear on what you want your portal to help you with.  Then I tune into the spiritual guides that are in your energy field.  

After the first session I go and pray to your spiritual being and I ask them to appear to me so I can paint them. This painting is not just about having a piece of art in your house.

 It is a tool to aid you in your spiritual growth.

It is an outward physical manifestation that can help you tune into your spiritual guide when you are having challenges making that connection and knowing what your truth is.

It is a tool to aid you in strengthening your spiritual connection and enabling you to feel more divinely guided in your life. It is a physical manifestation of your Spirit Beings energy that is here to serve you in your big vision. 

You will also receive an intuitive message from me from Your Personal Divine Presence portal to guide you in overcoming your challenge or manifesting your purpose.  

Your Personal Divine Presence Portal is waiting to serve you and bless you

 Intuitive Commissioned pieces can be commissioned in a 9” x 12” canvas or a 16” x 20” canvas.

 If you are interested in having a session and receiving Your Personal Divine Presence Portal to guide and inspire you in your Purpose, Dreams and Big Vision,  please email  or  call with any questions. 760-652-3481

 Traditional Commissions for Sacred Art:

 I of course do traditional commissions where you can request me to paint a requested subject matter specifically for you in whatever size you would like.

 If you are interested in commissioning a piece of Sacred Art for you, please give me a call or email so we can set up a time to discuss in detail what you are looking for.

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