Are you a Spiritual Seeker who is highly sensitive or an empath looking for a home? 


Have you felt like you need support on your spiritual journey

to have a deeper connection with Divine Presence? 


Do you desire deeper understanding of spiritual truth

so you can apply it in your life and be happier and more fulfilled?



If so, Magnify Your Miracles Membership is the spiritual community for you.

Magnify Your Miracles membership is an Interfaith Spiritual community

that honors all spiritual paths. 

Why is Spiritual Community so Important?




Because the 3 Most Important Keys needed for Your Spiritual Growth are in our Magnify Your Miracles Spiritual Community:



If you desire to grow spiritually its not about new and flashy things, but gaining a deeper understanding of the spiritual truths so you can apply them more effectively in your life .


Have you ever read a spiritual book again and felt like so much of it you hadn’t read before?  

This happens because the spiritual truth goes up against the subconscious programming you received when you were young and it causes you to keep forgetting the truth.  This is why  Remembering is the 2nd biggest key to spiritual growth.  


The 3rd Key to spiritual growth is ENVIRONMENT.  Environment is stronger than will.  And this is why belonging to a spiritual community that supports you in spiritual truth is so important. 




A place to:

– Inspire you in your spiritual journey with live classes on zoom that allow you to connect with us and with other members in our community.

– Give you experiences of Divine Presence through a channeled message of Mother Mary and the Spirit Guide Portals

– Teach you how to have a deeper connection with your higher power no matter what name you call them. 

– Give you an uplifted spiritual environment that enhances your spiritual growth but most importantly your life. 

– Connection with other like minded spiritual seekers who have a desire to grow spiritually 

– On-Demand Videos so you can get inspiration, teachings and experiences when it works for your schedule.


A Little About Our Story.

We’ve been on the spiritual journey for over 20 years and as spiritual seekers we had some of the same challenges of finding a spiritual home where we felt like we fit.   

We even moved into a spiritual community for 6 years, but alas we found that the organization was more concerned with the organization then spiritual growth of their members.  But when we went out on our own we felt alone and without community. 

As we continued on our spiritual journey we realized that our business needed to be transformed to one where we were helping you as a spiritual seeker gaing spiritual growth and community so you feel supported.  And that is why we created Magnify Your Miracles Membership. 

Why is it called Magnify Your Miracles?  Because miracles are happening around you all the time.  Miracles are anything you can’t explain how it happened.  The thing that often has you saying “I can’t believe this just happenend”  Why are miracles so important?  Because Miracles are proof of Divine Presence.  Miracles enable you to create a life you love.  Miracles are at your finger tips when you learn how to use your God Given Gifts.