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Click the above image to find out what I do to stay in Divine Presence when I am working.


When we enter into having our own business as a light worker or a spiritual entrepreneur there can be a challenge with balancing the practical aspects of business with the desire to stay centered and guided by Divine Presence.

I know when I get into the practical things that have to be done for my business I can sometimes abandon myself to the logical and practical.

I can forget that I am not doing this alone, and that there is a greater vision than just what needs to be done right now.

Do you ever have that challenge?

Here are some things I do to keep myself centered in Divine Presence when I have to do computer work or the practical logical aspects of my business. 

  • I play my tibetan singing bowls to center me in Divine Presence
  • I have an altar on my desk so I remember that I’m not doing this business alone
  • I do a prayer before I start doing work inviting in my Spirit Guides to bless and guide all of my work.

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