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Intuitive Guidance & a Blessing from Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light

Archangel Michaels’ Sword of Light volunteered to give an intuitive message today.  I found it very interesting that Sword of light volunteered on a 555 day.  When I checked up the meaning of the 555 number it was all about releasing and letting go of what is no longer positively serving you.  

Sword of Light said “TODAY IS AN AUSPICIOUS DAY!, whatever day you are watching this video it is an auspicious day .  because Sword of Light is blessing you with the ability to let go of what is no longer serving you and what is keeping you from stepping in to your meaning, Your purpose, your authentic self.  Sword of Light stressed how important it is that you step into this.

Watch the video to get the full message and blessing.

If you’d like your own reproduction of Sword of Light click here and check him out.


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