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How to Grow Spiritually with Investing


Today I got download to talk to you about how to grow spiritually.   It was basically when I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth that I received this download.
I’m always amazed how many downloads I can get in the bathroom taking a shower or brushing my teeth

Do you have a spot where it seems that Spirit gives you downloads?

 Today Divine mother was speaking to me and telling me to share with you-

What investing has to do with growing spiritually

You’re probably thinking what does investing have to do with growing spiritually?  But it has so much to do with it.

So, what is growing spiritually?
Growing spiritually is all about expanding your consciousness.  

If you’ve ever gone to any of my classes or worked with me you know I always say

      “You’re always expanding or contracting there is no standing still”

In our lives the law of more life is always operating and we have to expand our consciousness to work with this law and manifest what is true in our heart.  

Everything is consciousness so we have to grow and expand our consciousness in order to grow spiritually.
So the way you grow spiritually and expand your consciousness is you have to

invest in yourself.
 There are investments and there is spending money.
What do you love to do spend money or invest?

It seems most people love to spend money but for some reason they don’t love to invest.
I’m not quite sure why but it’s what I’ve seen.
There’s nothing wrong with spending money, but if you want to grow spiritually you have to do some investing.  And it has to be investing in growing you.  

What’s the difference between investing and spending money?

If you spend money, you spend it and you get something in return but you no longer have the money.   There is no growth. 

For example, If you buy a new blouse.  You’ve spent $100 and you get to have the blouse, but you know longer have the $100.  So it’s not a return on your money.  It is an exchange.  

You are exchanging money for the blouse, and after a certain period of time you will probably get tired of the blouse or it will wear out and you won’t be able to wear it anymore.

Investments give you a return on what you invest and there is growth. So if you invest $100 and you get a 10% return you get 10 more dollars.  You have the $100 and $10 more dollars so you have growth and more than you had before.

So when you want to grow spiritually you have to be willing to invest money on you that is an investment in your growth.

Have you ever watched yourself struggle and go around and around, but you know you have something more you are here to do?

It’s because you aren’t meant to do this alone.  You are meant to get the love and support you need to help you step into your bigger vision.  

Whether that vision is to:

  •  Awaken your spiritual gifts 
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides
  • Find and fulfill your purpose
  • Have more meaning in your life
  • Be happy

If you never invest in yourself, 5 years can go and you find yourself still going around in circles?

When you invest in yourself in getting the support to help you step into your purpose or overcome a challenge you are having,  you will get growth and returns on your investment.  

You become able to transform into a fulfilling your purpose and have a life that you love.

If you’d like to hear more of what I have to say about investing in you, check out the video.

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