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How to be Calm and have Stress-Free Living

How to be calm and have stress-free living is something I aspire to every day.

I felt divinely guided today to talk to you about one of the big aha’s  I had with how you can start to be more calm and have stress free living.

It all started with this masterminded I went to and this one gentleman said  this little one liner,

“Embrace the Pace”

I thought –  I love that phrase embrace the pace.  Then we all started talking and it went to Embrace the Grace and from there I went to

“Embrace the Grace of Your Pace”

I realized that pace isn’t just the rate of speed or when something shows up it is also referring to  what shows up in your life.

 I realized  there is a grace of when things show up and what shows up in your life.  That it is all in Divine order.

What happens when the things you desire don’t manifest when you want them or you don’t get the actual thing you desire?    You get frustrated.   And when you get frustrated what goes out the door?  Your calmness.  What comes in?  Stress.

So if you want more calm stress- free living you have to “embrace the grace of your pace:” and that means trusting your higher power that everything is in Divine Order and what is showing up in your life is happening for the betterment of your life.

So how do you embrace the grace of your pace?  It’s easy to say and can be challenging to live.

You have to develop a deep connection with your higher power.

Watch the video to get some tips on what you can do to Embrace the grace that is happening in your life.




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