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How do I trust my intuition?

This is the biggest question I get from people  “how do I trust my intuition?

You have this doubt where you are asking yourself “is this real?”   “is this coming from my ego?”  Are people going to think I’m weird?”

The second biggest question I get is “how can I develop my intuition, how can I get more downloads?”  This one usually comes from people who are knew to the spiritual path but I find these 2 questions are  interrelated.

If you don’t trust your intuition that usually means you don’t act on it and if you don’t act on it then you’re not going to get more downloads.  So if you want more downloads you have to trust your intuition so you’ll act on it.  So How do you trust your intuition?

What developed my trust in my intuition was my Spirit Guides.  When I developed my connection with my Spirit Guides into a deep relationship is when I began to trust my intuition.  My Spirit Guides transformed my level of trust in my intuitive messages and in my whole life.  If you would like to hear more about why Spirit Guides develop your trust watch the video.

If you are interested in Connecting to Your Spirit Guides and developing your intuitive abilities

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