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Highly Sensitive?


Since you are here you must be a highly sensitive person or an empath.  I am an empath so I know what you go through.  

I was riding my bike and I felt inspired to stop and share with you what I had realized.  (Watch the video if you want to hear my story) 

Earlier, my wife had reminded me of how I use to ride my bike.  I use to ride 150 miles to 200 miles a week, pushing myself to ride faster and harder.  I loved it because I love riding a bike.  But back then I didn’t know I was a highly sensitive empath and riding that hard and pushing myself made it so I couldn’t sleep when I rode my bike so I let it go.  

As I was riding my bike today and contemplating where I use to be and where I am now riding my bike just for the joy of it.

I realized the biggest phrase that harms highly sensitive people and empaths is “NO PAIN NO GAIN”

My tip for you is as an empath or highly sensitive  you need to let go of this phrase “No pain no gain” from your vocabulary, because what is painful for the highly sensitive is just like nothing to the average person

I realized  this because I remembered an event back when I was a teenager.  I went to a concert with my best friend and we were way in the back and she says “let’s go to the front”  so we walk to the front and she’s standing there rocking out and enjoying herself and I’m standing there plugging my ears in excruciating pain and yelling at her that I need to go back.  

Back then I thought my sensitivities were a curse, but I’m here now to tell you they aren’t a curse.  They are a gift. I want to be your champion to help you turn your sensitivities into the gift that they truly are.   

Watch the video if you want to hear more.  




  1. Pam Neale

    Thank you, Deepa.
    I would love for you to be my empath champion as I have never had one.
    This is a great idea and is needed.

    • Deepa Liu

      Hi Pam, Thank you for your comment. That was the big aha I had was Highly sensitive people and empaths really need one since our society is so much into pushing and no pain no gain type of energy. We’ve all been programmed to push to the point of harm, especially empaths and HSP’s.


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