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God Rays intuitive message was so insightful about how you can work with nature for better health and well being, so I invite you to check it out by clicking the video above.  

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know what aha’s or insights you experienced from watching… Leave me a comment under the video here.


  1. Mary Shaw

    Loved this so much — living near the Gulf of Mexico in Florida — I have had this same experience — and could so relate when you shared having this experience and feeling God’s presence and blessings just pouring out of the Heavens! I have had this too — where it just captivated me and made me not want to leave that moment — but become absorbed in the beautiful God light/rays. Also, thank you for the reminder to commune in nature — I have been on my computer way too much this week — yes, getting out in the sunshine and seeing the flowers, trees and puffy clouds can be so refreshing and revitalizing. Thank you for this wonderful sharing — you can feel the very power and beauty emanating from this magnificent portal! So thankful for your gifts!!

    • Deepa Liu

      Hi Mary, I’m so glad the message was helpful for you and you can relate to the blessings that come from seeing the God Rays.


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