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Fall Reminders for Spiritual Growth


Having spiritual growth for me is not just about the spiritual practices, but also about feeling the blessings of Divine Presence.  I was blessed by the moon, the sun, geese, a caterpillar and so much more on my mid morning walk to greet the sun.


I go for walks in nature at the towpath often and the geese pretty much do their own thing, but today they let them selves be heard loud and clear that they were speaking to me to check up the symbolic meaning of the goose.


I love how Mother Nature speaks to all of us when something needs to come to our attention.


I find the season of Fall does that for me every year.  It’s a time of the year that I go for a walk and Autumn reminds me of 2 significant things that are so important for our spiritual growth.


The changing colors of the leaves remind me of what greatness am I not showing that needs to come forth and what do I need to let go of to allow that greatness that is hidden to come forth.


Check out the video if you’d like to learn more about spiritual growth and see the blessings I received from the moon, fall colors and geese.


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