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Intuitive Message Yogananda


My very first Spirit Guide Sacred Portal Yogananda volunteered to give an intuitive message today.  

Yogananda was the first painting of a person I had ever done.  

I had a desire and an intention to create a painting of him where people would feel blessed by his power and vibration.  And because of that Intention I had this amazing experience that began my journey of creating Spirit Guide Sacred Art portals that are doorways to Divine Presence.

Come and hear my story of how it all began with Yogananda and his intuitive message about power.

    Remember: Greatness is within you, it’s time to let it out!

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    1. Tina Thrussell

      Beautiful portal painting and grateful for Yogananda’s message delivered through you, Deepa!

      • Deepa Liu

        Hi Tina, Thank you, I’m glad you found Yogananda’s message helpful.


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