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Have you ever doubted your intuition?

You know that voice that says:

  • Am I making this up?
  • Is this my ego or Spirit?
  • People are going to think I’m weird


Have you wondered How can I trust my intuition?

I use to be there.  


What developed my trust in my intuition was my Spirit Guides.

When I developed my connection with my Spirit Guides into a deep relationship is when I began to trust my intuition. 


My Spirit Guides transformed my level of trust in my intuitive messages and my whole life. 


Have you ever wondered if you have Spirit Guides?

They are just waiting for you to reach out and connect with them

Why are your Spirit Guides so Important?

They are your trusted friends here to support you 24/7 and help you:


  • Manifest your purpose so you have more meaning and wake up excited about your day.


  • Develop Your Intuitive abilities so you trust your guidance rather than doubt it.


  • Speed up your transformation so you can create a life you really love , not one you feel like you have to settle for.


  • Make choices from what is true in your heart not what you “Should” do which is the programming that keeps you stuck in an unfulfilled life and doing the same old thing.

So, whether you are wishing for:

  • Finding your purpose and have more meaning in your life

  • Stepping into growing your business to the next level

  • More happiness and success
    Or Something else


Your Spirit Guides can help you. They want to help you.

But you have to be open to receiving their guidance and learn how they  communicate with you.

Your Spirit Guides are communicating to you every day.  But how are they communicating to you?

It depends how you are wired.   It starts with understanding how you are wired and what your natural way is of receiving the intuitive messages that are being given to you daily.

Once you understand your natural wiring you will become aware of your Spirit Guides communication and gain trust in the intuitive messages you are receiving

If you struggle to hear your intuitive guidance or trust it. I know your challenge. I said it all to myself “Are you making this up?”, “is this real”, “People are going to think I’m weird”, “Who am I to have this gift?”  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

It took me years until I finally put my stake in the ground and became open to receive all of my spiritual gifts and Spirit Guides which sped up my transformation and allowed me to step into my purpose.

I want to help you connect to your Spirit Guides so you can gain all of the guidance, love and support they are just waiting to give you.

A Little About My Story.

When I started oil painting I had a desire to create a painting of Yogananda that had his power and vibration in it. I wanted when people saw the painting of him that they felt like they were being blessed by him. So it all started with a desire to create art that blessed people with the Divine Presence energy.

From there it grew into a deep relationship with my sacred portals and Spirit Guides that now guide my life.

I found creating sacred art transformed me. It became a spiritual practice that awakened my joy, deepened my connection with Spirit and developed my intuitive abilities. And before I knew it my sacred portals started to talk to me and give me intuitive guidance on what to do next in my business and in my life.

They guided me to offer Personal Divine Presence Portals so you can have a visual portal of one of your spirit guides that is here to help make your life easier and in more flow. And they guided me to create a class that can help you to connect with your spirit guides because they want to serve more people.

What others have said about working with Deepa

Before I came to the Sacred Art to Open Your Heart experience, I felt stressed out from the work week, a lot of anxiety. 

It was an experience communing with the art. With every painting it was incredible to feel what came up, the experiences I felt, and each painting told me things I didn’t know.

During the experience I felt my heart expand and open. I now feel relaxed, calm, serene and happy. 

I felt it was a very powerful experience. I can’t wait until the next experience with Deepa.

Kim Arnold, PA

Before I attended the on-line Sacred Portal message circle, I was having very bad knee pain.  My legs were hurtling so bad.  After I got off the call my legs no longer hurt. 

The beautiful paintings are true portals. Each message I heard for myself and others felt beneficial.  The messages were amazing.   Deepa is so special.  I truly believe this is her purpose.

Courtney Goldstein

I was pleased to be in attendance at Pebble Hill Church when Deepa Liu was our featured guest speaker.

It was a profoundly moving experience, lovingly presented. Briefly, Deepa channels and creates “sacred art” which serve as portals to the divine.  

Skeptical?  So was I. But the experience, for me, was genuine.  If you have the chance to experience Deepa in person, do so.

Dave P.

Join me in this Sacred Journey:
Connect to Your Spirit Guides

This 4 week class is not just information, it will be an experience. You are designed to learn by having experiences so come ready to experience connecting with your spirit guides.


You will learn:

  • What is blocking you from knowing your spirit guides and how to overcome these blocks

  • How you are wired so you can understand how your spirit guides communicate with you

  • The language of Spirit so you can interpret what it means

You will experience:

  • Guided meditations to connect you with your spirit guides

  • Practicums to practice the key components of deepening your relationship with your spirit guides

  • Sacred portal intuitive connections to help guide you in your relationship with Spirit

In this experience:

  • All weekly sessions are live and interactive so you can ask questions and share

  • The weekly sessions are recorded so if you can’t make it live you can watch, learn and experience at your convenience.

  • Sessions are held on-line through zoom. If you’ve never used zoom, no worries, we can walk you through it.

  • You have email access to Deepa in between sessions should a question or concern arise.

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Early Bird Registration by September 10th your investment is $199

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Space is Limited

This Sacred journey begins

Friday, October 1st to 22nd

Time 7:00pm EDT


Don’t forget if you can’t be live each session will be recorded so you can watch later at your convenience