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Angel Blessings from Heart Chakra Angel


Heart Chakra angel came wanting to give a blessing to you.  

I was given the specific guidance that it was to be a blessing not just an intuitive message. She wanted me to share with you that the difference between an intuitive message and a blessing.  


An intuitive message is just information/knowledge and a blessing is a transmission of energy and information.  

Heart Chakra angel showed up as a she today, which is always a sign that it is time to focus on the divine feminine energy of receptivity. She wants you to be receptive to receiving the energy from her that she is blessing you with.


Today, Heart Chakra angel is blessing you with the energy of expansion in your heart chakra and the awareness and acknowledgement to know what your true heart’s desires are.

Come and experience the blessings of the Heart chakra angel.


Remember: Greatness is within you, it’s time to let it out.

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  1. Vanessa H.

    Good morning. Deepa.

    Yesterday I was writing in my journal and I wanted to know what intuitive messages meant. As I was listening to your broad cast, I smiled when I heard the definitions of intuitive message and a blessing.

    I opened up and I instanly began to cry. I was at ease. I did not want to move from the state I was in.

    So eventually came out of it and decided to journal, draw and color today.- Thank you.

    • Deepa Liu

      Hi Vanessa, Sorry, for the delayed response. I was having tech issues. I’m so glad that the Angels Blessings from the Heart Chakra angel episode was helpful, and I love to hear that you worked with your creativity. I recently made a challenge to myself to paint every day for 31 days and it brought me so much joy I have continued the challenge. I’ve been focusing on creating the 54 names of Mother Mary which has even expanded my joy even more. I’d love to hear your experience with doing your creativity.

  2. Karen Doyle

    Beautiful !! I really enjoyed this . Thank you

    • Deepa Liu

      Hi Karen, Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the episode of Angel Blessings from the Heart Chakra angel. Sorry for the delay in response. There was some tech glitch that wasn’t letting me respond to comments.


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