Angels are ALL Around You!


– Would you like to know your angel that is here to help you:

Open your heart ,

Heal your heart,

and know what to do in uncertain times?


If you’ve answered Yes, “Create Your Angel Art Portals” is for you


Your Heart Chakra Angel is awaiting you!


By Consciously creating your  own Angel Art Portal


You awaken within you: 


–  A deeper connection with your Heart Chakra Angel who is always guiding and protecting you


– Your joy so you can find your sparkle.


– Your intuitive abilities so you can begin to trust it


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What people are saying about Deepa’s work:  

Before I came to the Sacred Art to Open Your Heart experience, I felt stressed out, a lot of anxiety from the work week. During the experience I felt my heart expand and open.  I now feel relaxed, calm, serene and happy.  

I felt it was a very powerful experience.  I can’t wait until the next experience with Deepa. 

Kim Arnold

Your work is amazing and so detailed both actual painting and verbal information .

Knowing the process you use and our meetings and discussions I am amazed at how plugged in to spirit you actually are.  Spirit is an integral part of you and  your work reflects this.   You are a wonderful gifted lady whose art is amazing and deep.

Carolyn C.



Create Your Angel Art Portal transforms you! 


How do I know?


Because it transformed me.


 Back in 2014, I had been on the spiritual path for over 20 years but despite all of my spiritual practices  I was not a visual person.

  In guided meditations I would struggle to see what they guided us to envision.

  Have you been there? 

 But all of that changed and it all started with what I thought was a crazy desire.


I had a desire to paint Yogananda and I wanted people to feel his powerful energy when they saw the painting.

And to my surprise when I completed Yogananda, a woman who I did not know came up to me and said “I have to tell you when I see your painting of Yogananda I can FEEL HIS ENERGY through it.  I FEEL LIKE I’M IN HIS PRESENCE.”


 That was the beginning of my sacred journey on creating sacred art portals to bless and transform you. 


As I continued to create sacred art portals, I began to have visions in my meditations.  Visions that I came to realize are the sacred art portals Divine Mother was guiding me to create.


These visions started coming in multiple forms of Mother Mary, Healing Hands and now the Angels have made their presence known to me.


Create Your Angel Art Portals is not just a program that teaches you how to paint. 

 It is a spiritual experience where you will experience the ritual and spiritual techniques so you access your amazing creative power, grow spiritually and connect with your  Heart Chakra angel. 



Here I am creating one of my latest Angel art portals Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light. 

Angel Art Portals are gateways/doorways to connecting with your angels. 

You have angels all around you.  Creating your own Angel art portal helps you deepen your connection and develop your intuition.

Beginner artist, Spiritual seeker, Seasoned artist, and Healers you can join this journey.

Creating your Angel art portal is a sacred journey, a spiritual practice that:

– Deepens your connection with your  Heart Chakra angel so you know what is true for you.

– Allows you to access the creative force that connects you with your power

– Awakens your Joy so you can find your sparkle

Here are a few of Deepa’s Angel Art Portals:

Heart Chakra Angel 

This angel came to me as a feeling that she was around me.  It was as if she sprung forth from the canvas, as Michaelangelo says how he just uncovered what was already there.

Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light

Sword of Light was a vision I had at an Archangel Michael retreat.  I felt blessed with the vibration of love during the ritual and I had to come home and paint her immediately.  

Archangel Gabriel

She came to me in a vision in meditation.  Archangel Gabriel appeared to me letting me know that the blessings of love are so important for healing

What people are saying about Deepa’s work:  

“Before I attended the on-line Sacred Portal message circle, I was having very bad knee pain.  My legs were hurtling so bad.  After I got off the call my legs no longer hurt. 

The beautiful paintings are true portals.

Each message I heard for myself and others felt beneficial.  The messages were amazing.   Deepa is so special.  I truly believe this is her purpose. ” 

Courtney G.

I was pleased to be in attendance at Pebble Hill Church, my lovely little interfaith congregation in Doylestown, Pa, when Deepa Liu was our featured guest speaker.

It was a profoundly moving experience, lovingly presented.

Briefly, Deepa channels and creates “sacred art” which serve as portals to the divine.  

Skeptical?  So was I. But the experience, for me, was genuine.  If you have the chance to experience Deepa in person, do so!  If not, Deepa does offer a free personal phone introduction to her “mystical magic,” rooted in helping folks to overcome their psychic and emotional barriers to being fully realized.

Dave P.

Join me in this Sacred Journey:

“Create Your Angel Art Portal”


  You will:

  • Learn basic oil painting techniques so you can bring the unseen forces of Spirit into physical form
  • Create your own Heart Chakra Angel art portal so you can commune with your angel  with a tangible gateway to your angel
  • Meet like-minded souls who want a deeper connection with the Divine
  • Learn Deepa’s  unique practices, techniques and rituals that awakened her visions and ability to  create sacred art portals
  • Learn how to activate and commune with your Heart Chakra angel art portal so you can feel their presence and receive intuitive messages. 
  • Develop your Spiritual practices, techniques and rituals that allow you to create your angel art portal so you can deepen your connection to your angels.  
  • Receive spiritual support and encouragement to follow your heart and allow the creative force to flow through you in this sacred journey without judgment or criticism
  • Receive a supplies list of what you need and where to purchase them so you can begin your sacred journey of creating sacred art portals.  


In this experience:

  • Each week Deepa will create a spiritual experience for you to connect with your angels, specifically your heart Chakra angel.  
  • You will receive  recordings of the weekly experiences so you can have your spiritual experience even if you can’t show up live in the class.
  • Your weekly sessions are held live on-line through zoom. If you’ve never used zoom, no worries, we can walk you through it. Deepa will guide you through your creative and spiritual process of creating your Heart Chakra angel art portal.  
  • You are not alone between classes.  You can email  Deepa in between sessions should a questions or concerns arise.
  • Each week will be a spiritual experience, a time to commune with your Heart chakra angel so you can feel the blessings and the guidance your angels provide.  


This Sacred journey begins Tuesday, June 2nd to  July 7th

Investment $197

Don’t forget if you can’t be live each session will be recorded so you can watch later at your convenience

Pre-Registration is Required

Space is Limited