What is Sacred Art and My Process to Create it-


This is My Story

Everything is energy which means everything is living and everything carries a vibration. So art carries a vibration and whatever that vibration is affects you and your home.


Do you want a vibration that lifts you up or brings you down?


I know I want art that lifts me up so my intention is  To create art that is a window to God that blesses you with God’s higher consciousness of peace, calmness, joy, love, or power so you feel uplifted.


My Background:


 I was a closeted artist and I didn’t even know it.

I spent my college and young adult years doing what I thought would make me a success in my parents eyes rather than what made me a success in my heart and in my eyes.

In my different careers as an outside sales person, a financial person, a natural health consultant, a yoga and meditation teacher I always had more fun creating the binders and making them beautiful then I did doing the work.

It wasn’t until my partner encouraged me to take an art lesson that I discovered the artist within. I loved it so much I started drawing and painting almost every day. The only other thing I did every day that wasn’t a necessity for living was do a morning and evening spiritual practice. 

I’ve been a mystic for over 25 years meditating, chanting and seeking direct experiences with God. I became an interfaith minister in 2011 and I combine my love of God and art together into every creation. My intention with each piece I create is to infuse it with God’s higher consciousness so you feel blessed when you experience it.


Every painting I create is a labor of love.


And labor doesn’t even seem like the correct word because I love creating art so much that it’s not work. There is nothing laborious about it. I love every thing about creating a piece of art. I create every piece with an intention to paint or draw it with God. To do my best to let my little self, my ego move aside and let the inspiration of God to flow through me when I am creating.


Each painting is created as a Sacred Portal


What is a sacred portal?


A sacred portal is a doorway to your higher power, your Divine Self so you can deepen your intuition and connect more fully with The Divine.

Whether you call your higher power God, Buddha, Allah, Spirit, Divine Mother, The Universe each sacred portal is a doorway to you having a deeper connection with the Divine and being blessed with an aspect of God’s vibration.     


Most of the sacred portals came to me in a vision in meditation and have been created with a specific blessing that Divine Mother asked me to infuse into the painting. 


Because Divine Mother guides me to create each painting with a vibration of the Divine,  it is more than just painting.  It is a spiritual practice where I prepare myself so I can create with the Divine.


I Create every piece of art with the intention of it bringing higher consciousness to you and your environment.

 It is not about how quickly I create it, but how I keep my consciousness in a peaceful, joyful, loving place so that every stroke of the paint brush or line with a pencil infusing a high consciousness into what I am creating. So I take the time to prepare myself before I create. The art I create is all about a conscious intention to create something that will bless you. So me being in a highly conscious place is one of the first steps to creating a piece that is infused with higher consciousness.


Many artists use their art as a form of self-expression and their inspiration is whatever they are going through on that particular day.  If they’re mad they paint pictures of anger. If they’re depressed they paint pictures of depression.


My inspiration is simple. It’s God.


Some call it source, Divine mother, the universe, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha. I use all those names and it’s simply about doing my best to bring higher consciousness to you through the paintings that I create. I want you to feel blessed when you experience the paintings I create with God. I feel we are all cocreating with God whether we consciously do it or not.


I want to help make the world a better place by creating physical manifestations that bring higher consciousness to you and the planet.


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