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Time lapse video of the Creation of Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light

  This sacred art portal came to me in a vision when I was at an Archangel Michael retreat. 

It came to me during a ritual done with Archangel Michael’s sword blessing us with love. 

I saw this vision in my minds eye of the sword made of light and I could feel how it was helping me to release all that was holding me back from being and having the love that I desired.

So I created the Sword of Light with Archangel Michaels energy and the intention of it blessing you with the gift of love and letting go.

The Sword of Light portal is here to help you cut away all that is no longer serving you. 

It is here to help you let go of the struggle in your life and bless you with the energy of love.  

If you would like to get a giclee reproduction of the original portal please click here