Sacred Art to Bless You and Your Home

Each piece of art is created with the intention of infusing it with God’s higher consciousness,  so you feel blessed by the Divine Presence with more peace, joy, love or power.
If you would like to know more about my process of creating Sacred Art,  please click on the button and go to the About Me page.

About Me

My intention is to create art where you feel blessed when you experience it. Everything is energy which means everything is living and carries a vibration. So art carries a vibration and whatever that vibration is it effects you and your home.

Sacred Art Gallery

Sacred Art is created with all spiritual paths in mind. As an interfaith minister I truly honor all spiritual paths and create each piece with the intentions to help you feel blessed so you can feel more fulfilled on your spiritual path.

A Commissioned piece of Sacred Art for You

Are you wanting a piece of Sacred Art painted just for you?
I have 2 methods in creating Sacred Art for you:
The Intuitive Method and the Traditional Method
Divine Offerings

Sacred Art Workshops

Sacred Art and You!

Would you like to create Sacred Art and have a rejuvenating spiritual experience for yourself?

Sacred Art is so much more then the techniques of creating a drawing or painting.  It’s about the consciousness you are in when you create your art and infusing that into it. If you want to know more Click on the image.

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