Spiritual Workshops

Connect to Your Spirit Guides

Did you know you have Spirit Guides all around you?


They are just waiting for you to reach out and connect with them

Are you a Creative Entrepreneur who is spiritual?

Have you struggled to know your truth of what you really want and be successful ?

Do you want support from your Spiritual team?

My Spirit Guide Portals and I want to help you connect with your heart’s desires and create your business so it has meaning and brings in the money you desire. 

If you are looking for the support to get faster results check out how you can work with me and Spirit to help you have meaning and money.


Sacred Art Portals

My Sacred art portals are Spirit Guides that have come to me in a vision in meditation.    They presented themselves to me because they want to show up in a physical form to bless and guide you.  Each portal acts as a doorway to connect you with a particular form of Divine Presence.

The Spirit Guide comes with a specific message and blessing to help you be more connected to your higher beings that are around you all the time and to especially help you develop your intuitive abilities.

Each one is created to bless you with the energy of the Divine so you are uplifted and blessed with knowing you are not alone and that Spirit is with you.

Sacred Art to Bless You and Your Home

Each piece of art is created with the intention of infusing it with God’s higher consciousness,  so you feel blessed by the Divine Presence with more peace, joy, love or power.
If you would like to know more about my process of creating Sacred Art,  please click on the button and go to the About Me page.

About Me

My intention is to create art where you feel blessed when you experience it.

Everything is energy which means everything is living and carries a vibration. So art carries a vibration and whatever that vibration is it effects you and your home.

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Sacred Art to Bless You

Each Sacred Art portal is created with the intention to be a blessing that uplifts you and your home.

They are door ways to you connecting with Divine Presence in all of miraculous forms.

Each piece is created with all spiritual paths in mind.

As an interfaith minister I truly honor all spiritual paths and create each piece with the intentions to help you feel blessed so you can feel more fulfilled on your spiritual path.

Click the image to be blessed by the sacred art portals.

Spirit Guide Sacred Art

Have you ever wondered what Spirit Guides are here to help you?

You have Spirit Guides all around you.  Each one is here to guide and support you for a specific reason.

If you re interested in commissioning me to create a personal divine presence portal of your spirit guide

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Divine Offerings

Spiritual Workshops

Spirituality, Creativity, Spirit Guides and You!

Growing spiritually is so much more than studying spiritual text.

It’s about experiencing Divine Presence in all of her many forms.

Divine Presence is everywhere.  She shows up as Spirit Guides to help you in your life.  She blesses you in Sacred Art portals.  And She is here to bless you with her energy of love, joy and peace.   Click on the image if you would like to learn more about my latest experiential spiritual workshop.

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